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What is GTL fuel?

GTL fuel otherwise known as ‘gas to liquid’ is an alternative fuel that Your NRG supplies, providing a cleaner burn compared to standard diesel.

GTL is free of unfavourable toxins such as sulphur, metals and aromatics making GTL fuel a more environmentally friendly power solution for heavy duty and light duty diesel engines. GTL Fuel is considered a direct drop in alternative to conventional diesel eliminating the need for further engine investment, infrastructure or modifications

Your NRG believe that GTL fuel will play an important role in the transition to creating a cleaner, greener future for all, as together we work towards achieving net zero by 2025.

What are the benefits of GTL fuel?

GTL fuel can be used directly in diesel engines providing numerous benefits in comparison to conventional diesel. These include:

  • High performance cetane level which improves starting conditions in cold temperatures
  • Improved storage, handling and safety due to a higher flash point 
  • Can reduce the noise level in some engines as a result of more uniformed combustion
  • Reduced emissions of regulated pollutants in line with government regulations
  • GTL Fuel is readily biodegradable and non-toxic 
  • When used in certain engines it can reduce particulate emissions by upwards of 38%
  • GTL is readily available from Your NRG

Why is GTL classified as a ‘future fuel’?

Generally gas-to-liquid fuel emission levels are lower than conventional diesel as a result of the way that GTL Fuel is manufactured. And, GTL fuel is manufactured in a way that creates uniformed, consistent molecules which helps to improve the combustion properties inside standard diesel engines. This therefore helps reduce emissions of air pollutants in comparison to conventional crude oil refining.

Where can I get GTL fuel?

Whether you’re running a generator for your business, using diesel powered vehicles and machinery for agriculture and everything commercially-led that’s in between, Your NRG can switch to GTL fuel today and help make a difference. 

To find out more about GTL fuel and how Your NRG can supply your operations, simply get in touch with the Your NRG team. We’ll tell you everything you need to know and prior to getting your GTL fuel supplies sorted and shipped in no time.

Benefits of GTL

Has the emissions advantages of gas and the convenience of diesel

Free of unwanted sulphur, metals and aromatics, and is readily biodegradable

Better starting performance than diesel in cold conditions

Can reduce NOx emissions by up to 25% and particulate emissions by up to 38%

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