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Sizzle and save: Using the summer to prepare for winter - Savings Plan Blog

Sizzle and save: Using the summer to prepare for winter

During the warmer months, buying home heating oil is not at the forefront of people’s minds, however, when winter rolls around, that’s a different case. Paying for home heating oil in one large lump sum can be an eye-watering ordeal, especially with the rising cost of oil and living. But what if we told you that there are alternatives to emptying your wallet in one go?

Here at Your NRG, our customers come first, and we recognise that paying for heating oil can be expensive. Which is why we’ve set up a savings plan for our customers so that there’s no need to pay for heating oil all in one go. But how does the savings plans work?

The Your NRG Savings Plan

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand that times are changing and that nothing is as cheap as it used to be, which for many people, can be more than challenging. This is precisely why we’ve created savings plans to assist with the affordability of home heating oil so that our customers never have to worry about cost. 

By spreading the cost of heating oil over the warmer months, the overall cost becomes more manageable and less daunting. Not only this, but our savings plans are personal to you and your circumstances, allowing you to save what you can, when you can, meaning you are always in control of your savings plan, even when life seems a little bit out of control.

Our savings plans are completely free, with no hidden costs or cancellation fees, meaning you can rest assured that you’re only putting money towards your home heating oil, not anything else. Our plans are also flexible, allowing you to adjust your payment amount(s) as and when you need to, with no questions asked. The savings plans are also highly economical and accessible as they allow you to spread your payment throughout the year and to withdraw your balance whenever suits you and your fuelling needs. 

The benefits of using a Your NRG savings plan

There are many benefits to signing up for a savings plan with Your NRG, from saving money to having peace of mind.

  • By signing up for a savings plan, you will be able to budget more effectively for your household, preventing sudden large pay-outs for heating oil during the colder months. Not only this but due to the predictable payments, you will be able to better anticipate your heating oil costs throughout the year, which will assist in providing you with a greater financial predictability, which is useful all around!
  • Additionally,  our savings plans help to reduce stress by ensuring predictable, affordable expenses and top-ups at your convenience.
  •  As well as this, our expert customer service will provide you with professional support throughout your time as a Your NRG customer. We do our utmost best to ensure that our customers receive a beyond satisfactory service which is reflected in our customer reviews

How to set up a savings plan for domestic home heating oil with Your NRG

When choosing a savings plan with Your NRG, there is a four-stage setup process. Sounds simple, right? 

  1. The process involves settling on a monthly payment that suits you, your needs, and your finances. If you struggle with deciding an amount or understanding your fuel consumption, you can contact our team to discuss your fuelling needs and which plan would be the most suitable for you. 
  2. After deciding the amount you would like to deposit on a monthly basis, you will need to get in touch with us to complete a short direct debit mandate over the phone. 
  3. When set up, we will get in contact with you to confirm your ‘Personal Monthly Savings Plan’ in writing within three working days of setting up the direct debit with us. We will be in touch with you before we begin to collect your payments. 
  4. Once this has all taken place, you’re ready to start accruing your credit. 

 It’s really that straightforward! 

In the meantime, if you require a home heating oil top-up on an ad hoc basis, you will need to pay for the top-up with a credit or debit card. After this, you can then use your accrued credit balance against your bill on future orders. 

Do you think a savings plan would be beneficial to you? Sign up today!