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Fuel Cards

Interfuels: Get Your Fuel Card

If you’re considering getting a fuel card to purchase fuel for your business, the team here at Your NRG (formerly Oil NRG) recommends a card from InterFuels.

Interfuels are also one of only a small number of fuel card providers who offer fixed-rate fuel cards. This means there won’t be any large price movements on your payments, as the profit margin they make remains the same from the moment you successfully apply for your card. In this way, your fuel card is cheap for you but also making sure you are getting the best deal available.

Head to the Interfuels website today to find out more.

What is a fuel card?

A fuel card is a payment system – a bit like a credit card – that allows businesses to pay for and track the payments for their fuel.

With a fuel card you have a credit account attached to it, so when you buy your fuel, you instead swipe your fuel card and the purchase is charged to this account. Then – again like a credit card – this account is then paid off from your other connected bank account or credit card.

All these fuel card payments are then itemised and logged on one tax statement, meaning you don’t need to have individual fuel receipts to collect and add up.

What are the benefits of getting a fuel card from Interfuels?

On top of the fixed rate on the fuel card from Interfuels, there are a number of other benefits you can enjoy.

  • You can save time by streamlining all your business fuel payments into one paperless account.
  • There aren’t any worries that you’ll lose your receipts and affect the tax you can claim back.
  • All of this gives you a better grasp and handle on your taxes and fuel costs, in turn making your business fuel usage and the management of this much easier.
  • With Interfuels you can manage your account online.
  • The card works with top fuel brands and providers all across the UK.
  • Convenient expense tracking - Keep accurate financial reports of your fuel expenses in one easy-to-manage account.
  • More efficient tax record keeping - All transactions are recorded electronically, so you have more accurate expense deductions on fuel and lower overall risk of errors during tax filing.
  • Simplified administration - Bringing all your fuel payments together in one digital account makes things a lot easier to handle. There’s no juggling invoices and receipts - just enjoy less hassle and more time saved for your business.
  • Better budgeting - The weekly price on the Interfuels card makes it easier to guess and manage fuel costs over that week. This is helpful when planning your budget as you know exactly how changes in fuel prices will affect your business expenses.
  • Potential discounts and rewards - Depending on the fuel card deal, you could also score some perks like special discounts, loyalty rewards, and even cashback offers, helping your business save more in the long run.

Who uses fuel cards?

Fuel cards are typically used by businesses and those who rely on their vehicles as part of their operations, this includes:

  • Fleet owners and managers - Companies with many vehicles - such as delivery, ride-sharing, or logistics - tend to go for fuel cards, as it helps them keep track of and handle fuel costs for their whole fleet.
  • Medical/educational institutions - Medical transport services, ambulance companies, and home healthcare providers, as well as schools, universities, and colleges with student transport use fuel cards.
  • Construction firms - Construction companies managing equipment and plant benefit from the streamlined fuel management of fuel cards

Commercial Fuel Card FAQ's

Are fuel cards worth having?

Fuel cards are worth having if you're looking for convenience and savings. They’re especially great for businesses with vehicles. With fuel cards, you can easily track spending, control costs, and simplify admin tasks - not to mention fixed prices, discounts, and other rewards that make a big difference over the long run. Just remember to pick a provider that matches your needs for the best value.

Are UK Fuel Cards Free?

While some UK fuel cards do charge a setup fee - or even ongoing fees for extra features and reward programmes - our Interfuels cards are all free with absolutely zero hidden fees. No matter which fuel card you’re looking into, make sure to carefully look through the T&Cs so you don’t miss any costs associated with it.

Find out more

The Interfuels website can tell you more about this, but if you want to get in touch with their team to have them answer any specific queries, you can find their contact details here.

For more information about getting started with a Your NRG fuel supply, contact our team today.

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