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Agricultural Fuel Suppliers

Agricultural Fuel Suppliers

At Your NRG, we understand fuel’s vital role in farming. As one of the leading agricultural fuel suppliers, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality agricultural fuel tailored to your unique needs.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just providing fuel for agriculture. With the farming community in mind, we are dedicated to offering a wide range of quality agricultural fuels at competitive fuel prices.

This puts us at the forefront of independent agricultural fuel supply, consistently offering unmatched customer service to the farming industry. 

Fuel Supply for Agriculture

In the agricultural industry, the right fuel choice can make a major difference in your farming business's efficiency, not to mention environmental impact and long-term cost savings. 

Here's a closer look at the types of fuel we supply:

Shell GTL Fuel 

Produced from natural gas, Shell's GTL (gas-to-liquid) fuel is a cleaner-burning alternative to red diesel that we are proud to distribute in partnership with Shell. It is particularly suitable for agricultural vehicles and equipment, reducing local emissions and improving air quality around your operations. Due to its FAME-free properties, Shell GTL fuel also prevents filter clogging, machinery downtime, and repair time.

Red Diesel 

A staple in the agricultural industry, red diesel is cost-effective and widely used for off-road agricultural machinery. With competitive agricultural fuel prices, Your NRG ensures you can run efficiently without breaking the bank. 


Kerosene is an ideal heating solution for residential properties on farms, offering warmth and comfort efficiently and cost-effectively, especially where gas is not readily available.

Kerosene-powered dryers are reliable for crop drying, ensuring quick and even drying to maintain quality and reduce spoilage, improving your farm’s efficiency and yield.

Agricultural Fuel Prices

With fuel costs changing at a moment’s notice, insight into current market trends and potential future shifts in pricing is important for a farmer's bottom line. 

As experts in agricultural fuel supply, we can offer you the best prices on all of our fuels based on your needs. 

Why choose Your NRG for your farming fuel?

Fuel is the lifeblood that keeps your business thriving; this is no different for the agricultural sector. But where do these businesses turn to ensure their fuel needs are consistently met?

Enter, Your NRG.

Across eleven strategic depots in the North and East of England, we're a trusted partner to countless businesses with unique fuel requirements. 

Serving more than just commercial businesses

Beyond heating vast commercial spaces with heating oil, or fuelling trucks with white diesel, we diligently serve the agricultural fuel supply chain. 

From the scenic terrains of Bedfordshire to West Norfolk, we fuel all agricultural businesses. 

Diverse fuels for diverse needs

Do you need red diesel for farm vehicles, heating oil for domestic farm properties or innovations like Shell GTL fuel to make modern farm machinery more efficient, Your NRG has you covered. 

Unmatched expertise and reliability 

Our dedicated team prioritises delivering competitive prices and specialist advice tailored to your needs. No matter the season or reason, our commitment to timeliness and dependability remains unwavering. 

What else can you expect from Your NRG?

  • Quick and effortless quotes 
  • Expansive delivery coverage, reaching even the most remote parts of the UK
  • Transparent pricing with zero hidden fees on bulk fuels
  • A stellar reputation backed by numerous five-star reviews and loyal clients

Ready to elevate your fuelling experience?

Speak with our expert team or quickly get a quote through our online tool. Fuelling your success is just a click away with Your NRG. 

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