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Low Online Prices
No Hidden Costs
Easy Ordering
5* Customer Care
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You can check our delivery areas by simply entering your postcode in to our Free Online Quote system 24/7. Your NRG formerly Oil NRG is the only independently run fuel supply and fuel distribution business with a presence in the whole of the east and the north of England, from the Thames to the Tweed.

Our delivery postcodes are relative to their proximity to our depots. Having clicked ‘View Availability’ under the postcode field and determined that Oil NRG do not deliver to your postcode, please send an email to sales@oilnrg.co.uk as our regional depots cover most if not all of the following areas:

  • Hartlepool depot serves Teesside, County Durham & North Yorkshire
  • Birtley depot serves Tyne & Wear and Northumberland
  • York depot serves Yorkshire, Humberside and Lincolnshire
  • Thetford depot serves Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex
  • Bedford depot serves Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire
  • Melton Mowbray & Atherstone depots serve Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and the Midlands

Having generated a free online quote using the red ‘free Quote’ button from any of our web pages, please select the green ‘order’ button under your preferred delivery window option on the site to proceed.

Due to the volatility in the price of oil, Your NRG's formerly Oil NRG’s home heating oil / kerosene web quotes are only valid at the point of quotation and subsequent online order, therefore we do not include a link to order on the email you receive. To proceed with an order, after generating a quote on our website please select the green ‘buy it now’ button under your preferred delivery window option on the site to proceed.

You do not need an account number to place an order with us, simply complete the quote form and select the green ‘Order’ button under your preferred delivery option. Our site will then take you to a second page to complete your order. After your first order, you can then register through “My Account Login” button, top right of the web page.

As we do not tend to carry spare oil on the tanker, we need to be given a fixed quantity to deliver and do not have a ‘fill’ option. However, if you are an existing customer, we can provide an average of your historical delivery volume prior to you placing an online order.

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Yes, you can create your own customer login via the ‘My Account Login’ button in the top right hand corner of the ‘home page’.

Please select ‘New Order’ at the top left section of the page, or select “new order” from the purple ‘Last Order’ panel. Alternatively, if you would like to be able to order without entering your card details, then subject to approval we can set you up with a Fixed Monthly Direct Debit plan.

Your NRG formerly Oil NRG is the only independently run fuel supply and fuel distribution business with a presence in the whole of the east and the north of England, from the Thames to the Tweed.

We remain independent in a ‘marketplace’ which is being reduced by the rapid consolidation by the competition. And, as independent purchasers, we have a choice of wholesale suppliers, allowing us to offer the most competitive fuel prices to our regional customers as there is no ‘middle-man’. We deliver the fuel directly to you, using our own fleet of drivers and tankers.


Our standard domestic heating oil is kerosene (28 sec), which is suitable for nearly all domestic requirements and oil fired boilers. We can also supply additives to our standard kerosene (28 sec) which minimise consumption, maximise output efficiency and reduce maintenance on domestic boilers and Aga / range-style cookers.

You can dip and check the colour of the oil in your tank. Kerosene is a honey yellow. If the dip shows red, then you are one of the few remaining domestic properties that may still run off Gas Oil / Red Diesel.

Yes. Our specialist fuel additives have been designed to improve the ‘burn quality’ of standard domestic kerosene when used in range-style cookers, Agas and boilers, and/or when vaporising burners after being utilised.



We offer a range of flexible purchase options including Debit Card and Credit Card. For commercial customers, we offer additional methods of payment. To discuss the most suitable payment method for you, please call any member of our sales team at any of our depots.

No. However, funds need to be available at point of order, as we need to ‘pre-authorise’ the funds to cover the order, so that funds can be automatically collected after delivery.

No. All of charges are transparent. The only additional charges are for product additives as priced. We no longer charge for Credit Card transactions. For any queries regarding your fuel pricing please refer to your invoice or call any member of our sales team at any of our depots.

VAT is charged at the prevailing rate as set out by HMRC – HMRC Reference: Notice 701/19 (August 2012) .

For domestic customers, we require card details at the point of sale to ‘pre-authorise’ the funds to cover the order, so that funds can be automatically collected after delivery.

For existing customers, existing payment methods and terms will apply, but are continually reviewed.

When you place your order, the funds to cover the order are ‘pre-authorised’ on your card. Once the driver has confirmed delivery, we automatically collect the funds for quantity delivered. For example, if you ordered 1100 litres, and we delivered 1050 litres, we only collect payment for the 1050 litres delivered. Similarly, the ‘pre-authorisation’ allows for a 15% over delivery should that be required.

Yes, our ‘Personal Monthly Savings Plan’ is designed to help our customers spread the cost of their heating oil and build up a balance for future orders.

  • It’s Free – No hidden fees, joining or cancellation costs
  • Flexible – Adjust you payment amount if circumstances change
  • Economical – Spread your payment throughout the year to suit you circumstances
  • Guaranteed – No need to plan for lumpy seasonal bills as funds have already been set aside
  • Accessible – You can withdraw your balance at any time

Setting up your ‘Personal Monthly Savings Plan’ with Your NRG formerly Oil NRG is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Pay for your current order
  2. Choose a monthly payment to suit your average annual consumption e.g. 1000ltrs a year £60 pcm; 1500ltrs a year £70 per pcm; 2000ltrs a year £85 pcm
  3. Complete a short Direct Debit Mandate over the phone
    And relax!

We will then confirm your ‘Personal Monthly Savings Plan’ in writing within 3 days, and begin collecting your payments on the 5th of the month.

Then, when you are ready to order, you can use your credit balance against your order, with an adhoc card payment to cover any shortfall.


There are no charges for delivery.

All of our customer deliveries are at a time of their choosing, with many customers scheduling in their deliveries at particular times of the year. However, our delivery windows vary depending on such variables as the weather and the time of year.

We will always endeavour to meet requested delivery windows, subject to appropriate delivery windows being agreed, and outwith of factors / force majeure beyond our reasonable control.

We will always endeavour to reschedule deliveries where possible, subject to appropriate revised delivery windows being agreed, and undue inconvenience not being caused to either party.

In most cases our customers do not need to be present in person when their oil is being delivered. If arrangements need to be made, you can always ask us to text or email you the night before delivery.

Home Heating Advice

No. Your house will warm up at the same speed, irrespective of how high you set your thermostat to.

Having your heating on when it’s not needed will cost you money so turn it off if it’s not being used! As an alternative, adjust your timers so the heating comes on only when you want it to.

No, not necessarily. If your thermostat is on, radiators will keep working until the room reaches the set temperature. If you want to save money, turn off radiators in rooms you aren’t using, but do keep your main rooms heated as living in a cold house can be bad for your health.

If your water tank is well insulated it will stay warm for several hours. Set your timers so the water is heated an hour or so before you need it at two or three different times of the day.

Do not wait to have a technician look at your boiler when it’s not working correctly. Have your heating system serviced once a year to check it is working correctly and efficiently – this will help avoid a costly repair bill during winter. Make sure you use an OFTEC registered technician for oil boilers (GasSafe for mains gas) who will follow strict industry safety standards.

Oil Tank Security

The liquid fuel in your oil tank is valuable, so you should take appropriate security measures to secure your oil tank and its contents year-round. You can’t totally protect your fuel tank against theft, but a few simple precautions can greatly reduce the chance your oil will be stolen.

Make sure the fuel gauge is installed correctly, secured to the tank at the top and checked regularly.

If your fuel tank has a lid, fit a suitable high quality combination lock, and don’t forget to provide the combinations of any locks to Your NRG formerly Oil NRG in case you won’t be there during your delivery. Don’t lock your tank vent though!

Monitor your tank on a regular basis and remain vigilant throughout the year. Your NRG’s formerly Oil NRG's  ‘Never Empty’ remote tank fuel level monitoring can help identify if the level suddenly drops or falls below an agreed trigger level.

If you need to replace your tank, position it where it will be more secure, whilst remembering to leave clear access for your fuel deliveries making sure the gauge can be seen. There are now very specific rules governing the location of tanks and it’s important to take these rules into account if you are making subsequent changes to your property. For general guidance ask your OFTEC engineer.

Surrounding your tank with ‘noisy’ gravel is one of the most cost-effective, quickest, and easiest ways to protect yourself against heating oil theft

Consider fitting visible CCTV to monitor the tank, with signage above the tank to deter thieves from targeting you

Install low energy ‘dusk-til-dawn’ security lighting close to the tank should provide sufficient light to deter thieves.

Keep your tank discreetly hidden from prying eyes and ‘Google Maps’ whilst leaving space for fuel delivery access, tank checking and maintenance. Roofs, walls and defensive plants are some of the methods to conceal tanks and obstruct uninvited access.

Taking preventative measures should deter thieves and increase your protection from heating oil theft, however, if you fall victim to theft despite your preventative efforts, you can contact 101 to report incidents that have already occurred or 999 if you catch a thief in the act. Either way, report the crime immediately and collect as much evidence as you can to support your case.