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What is HVO fuel?

The race to reach the UK’s Net Zero targets is well underway and here at Your NRG we also understand how we all need to play our part if we’re to meet these goals by supplying and considering a range of cleaner and sustainable ‘future fuels’ including HVO

HVO fuel – or hydrogenated/hydrotreated vegetable oil – is a paraffinic diesel fuel that is made from 100% renewable raw materials including vegetable oils and/or animal fats. Unlike some other alternative fuels, HVO fuel can also be stored for long periods and has strong cold weather properties. 

What are the benefits of using HVO fuel?

HVO fuel is a much greener alternative to red diesel and kerosene, and when used, it boasts a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 

What are the benefits of HVO?

  • Greener alternative to diesel
  • Up to 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Biodegradable and non toxic
  • Direct drop in replacement for on road and off road diesel
  • Excellent cold weather performance
  • Made of 100% raw material

Can I use HVO fuel?

HVO fuel is used within a variety of industries and sectors as an alternative to diesel and kerosene. This means you can find it used in everything from generators, to industrial vehicles, agricultural machinery, commercial boilers, boats and other marine vessels. 

HVO fuel has also been successfully trialled for use as drop in alternative to kerosene home heating oil. And whilst the use of HVO fuel for domestic home heating purposes isn’t as widespread as it is commercially, more households may be legislated to make the switch. 

For the most part, other than a nozzle change, households shouldn’t have to change or convert their boilers to run on HVO, but it’s worth checking with you heating engineer as some older models aren’t compatible with this future fuel and may need to be upgraded. 

Find out more about HVO fuel today!

If you’d like to learn more about HVO fuel or you have any questions about how it’s produced, or whether or not it’s appropriate for your home and/or business - please do get in touch

The friendly and knowledgeable Your NRG team will be more than happy to answer your questions and can help ensure you purchase the right fuel or heating oil for your needs. 

Benefits of HVO

Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 90%

Adheres to EN 15940:2016

100% renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic

Extended storage life of up to 10 years

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